The beauty of grey oyster mushroom

The beauty of grey oyster mushroom: Grey oyster mushroom was grown on wheat straw substrates.

Mushroom grows very fast. It takes about 45-47 days for pinhead formation and we can harvest the first flush in 55-60 days after cultivation.

We should maintain temperature 10-13 degree Celsius for mushroom fruit-body formation. Mushroom fruit-body needs diffused light, high humidity (>90%) and oxygen for its growth.

We need 90-96 days for the harvest of 3 flushes of grey mushroom. If we can maintain continuously suitable conditions for the growth of mushroom, we will harvest about 5 flushes of mushroom or more for each cultivation. However, the mushroom productivity will be reduced due to the limited nutrition of cultivated substrates.

Grey oyster mushroom after 50 days cultivation
Grey oyster mushroom after 51 days cultivation
Grey oyster mushroom after 53 days cultivation

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