Study the growth of mushroom mycelium on various agar media

  1. Prepare media

a. PDA- Potato Dextrose Agar Medium: Potato (250g), dextrose (20g), agar (20g), water (1000ml)

mycelium growth on various agar media
Chop into small pieces. Add distilled water and boil in 20 minutes. Get potato extract
mycelium growth on various agar media
Dextrose sugar
Mix dextrose, agar, potato extract, and add more distilled water up to 1liter and then boil

 b. MEA – Malt Extract Agar Medium: malt extract (30g), agar (15 g), water (1000 ml);

c. YMA – Yeast Malt Agar Medium: malt (20g), yeast (2g), agar (15g), water (1000 ml).

Mix well all needed materials and boil
mycelium growth on various agar media
Pour media into Flasks
The flasks having media are sterilized at 121 Celsius degree in 15 minutes
mycelium growth on various agar media
Media is poured in Petri dishes under laminar flow hood to avoid contamination

2. Mycelium inoculation

 The treatment medium was inoculated with a 14-day-old agar mycelial plug (5mm) of oyster mushroom. under aseptic conditions. Inoculum was placed in the middle of each petri dish and special care was taken to keep the cylinder mycelium in direct contact with each substrate. Radial growth of mycelium of different portions was observed until the Petri dishes were filled with it. The plates were incubated at 240C and observed for 7 days during which the mycelial vegetative growth and mycelial density of Pleurotus sp. were recorded. The growth rate is given by the formula below: Growth rate=Colony diameter on the last day (cm) /Number of day’s measurement was taken after inoculation. Daily mycelial growth was determined using a ruler across the Petri-dish horizontally.

Mycelial growth on different agar media

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