Oyster mushroom on petri dish

Oyster mushroom on petri dish: Mushrooms are a good source of both vitamins and minerals. Many kinds of mushrooms produce a range of metabolites of intense interest to the nutraceutical and food industries. Oyster mushroom has gained more attention as a health promoter and environmental restorer as compared to other medicinal mushrooms. The mushrooms are generally saprophytic and wood decomposing fungi living on both cellulose and lignin components of wood. Mushrooms are incredibly well-suited for indoor urban agriculture and hence could provide a potential to reuse urban generated wastes.

The aim of this method is to introduce the way which helps you test the efficiency of different substrate on the growth of oyster mushroom in laboratory conditions (by cultivation oyster mushroom on petri dish) . Recyclable residues such as wheat straw and/or cardboard chopped into 2-4 cm long pieces, soaked in the tap water for 24 h and then excess water drained. CaSO4 (5%) was added to each mixture of substrates.

Oyster mushroom cultivation on petri dish

Rice bran (10-15%) was used as supplementary substance to induce rapid mycelial growth and to increase mushroom yield.

The prepared substrates were adjusted to 60-65% moisture with distilled water. The pH of substrates was measured. The substrates were set up in the Petri dishes with the diameter of 85cm and sterilized at 121˚C for 60 minutes. After sterilization, substrates were moved into the wind-stream of the laminar flow hood and allowed to cool down to the desired inoculation temperature.

Oyster mushroom cultivation on petri dish

Each substrate (treatment) was inoculated with a 30-day-old agar mycelial plug (5mm) of oyster mushroom under aseptic conditions. Inoculum was placed in the middle of each Petri dish. Special attention and care were taken to keep the mycelium cylinder in direct contact with each substrate. The spawn was incubated at room temperature of 20-240C in darkness.

After 28-30 days incubation in darkness at room temperature, mushroom petri dishes were put in cultivated room at 10-15 0C , HR 90% with diffused light. Oyter mushroom appeared pin head and then fruiting body after 40-41days of mycelium inoculation.

Oyster mushroom cultivation on petri dish

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